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Welcome to the online version of the 6th newsletter of the International Network for Young Researchers in Male Fertility to update you on our recent developments.

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Our 8th INYRMF meeting will be held from 14th - 16th of May 2015 in Florence, Italy. Further information will be announced soon.

The 7th international meeting of INYRMF was held this year adjacent to the 18th European Testis Workshop (ETW) from May 12th – 13th 2014 in Elsinore, Denmark. This year 50 participants from 16 countries attended our meeting and contributed actively by asking questions and discussing the excellent talks by the invited speakers. As in our previous meetings adjacent to the ETW, our meeting consisted of five invited talks by well-known experts in the field of reproductive medicine and biology (details below). In addition, two “open panel” sessions were organised in which all participants had the opportunity to discuss the topics in more depth with the invited experts.

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Dear members,
you are receiving the 5th newsletter of the International Network of Young Researchers in Male Fertility to keep you posted with new developments. You may also find an illustrated version of the news on our homepage (

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During our 6th meeting in Barcelona, we recognised Dr. Karel De Gendt (University of Leuven, Belgium) as outstanding young researcher through our "Young Researcher Award" for his excellent contribution and passion in the field of androgen action in Sertoli cells. In his talk, Dr. De Gendt focused on his work using a mouse model lacking the androgen receptor (AR) in Sertoli cells (SCARKO mice).

Our 6th meeting was a great success with numerous active and fruitful discussions about male fertility research. It was held from 13th -15thof May 2013 in Barcelona (Spain) and was our largest meeting so far, with 67 participants from 15 countries.

The scientific program included three plenary lectures from well-known experts in different topics of our field. The first plenary lecture was about stem cells and was delivered by Dr. João Ramalho-Santos (University of Coimbra, Portugal) who provided an overview of the role of mitochondria in stem cell pluripotency. The second plenary session focused on the biology of testis and sperm. In this session, Dr. Rafael Oliva (University of Barcelona, Spain) summarized the current understanding of proteomics in andrology followed by Dr. Jörg Gromoll who gave insights into sperm DNA methylation analysis and its benefits for the clinic. Apart from these plenary lectures, our meeting included a young research award lecture by Dr. Karel De Gendt and two workshops given by Dr Michael Palladino (University of Monmouth, USA) and by Dr Àlex Argemí (University of Barcelona, Spain). In addition, our participants could present and discuss their own data in two selected oral communications sessions and a poster session.